It seems like everyday when you watch the news or read a news paper someone is accusing someone of sexual harassment or unwanted kisses on the cheek to groping women that don’t want to be groped.

From President Trump to Mario Batali the famous cook that is on the cooking show “The Chew.” And there is not a single common sense person here to say “Stop the nonsense!”

If a woman accuses a man of sexual harassment and it happened 20 years ago there is not a state in this country that would prosecute that man. Statute of limitations has run out therefore no prosecution. But when it comes to a celebrity, all bets are off. You admit it happened…. your done. Simple as that.

And when this despicable action were being done to these woman what happened to their careers? I mean if Weinstein committed all these horrible things, why did the victims not say anything at the time? I mean it probably went like this…. (HW) “You know, if you do (this) to me, I could advance your career and you could get better parts, or I could make you a star.” (Victim) “Hmmmm, well, OK I guess.”

The act was committed and the actress went on to be a star, only to blow the whistle (no pun intended) on Weinstein 20 years later. You know what lady, give back your Oscars, your millions you made doing movies and call it a day. You advanced your career based on what you did at the time. Maybe you were discussted by what you did but you did it.

The End.


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