Hillary and trumpI know, it’s been over for 2 days now, not counting today.

So, what took place that is worthy to bitch about.

How about the debates between this one and that one. Seems to me that Trump wanted the entire US of A to know he did not pay any taxes and that he was a smart businessman along with being a rich one at that. I’m sure those seniors living Social Security Check by Social Security Check really enjoyed that.

And how about the other one with her condescending attitude telling the US that she is experienced in ALL matters government. I had to laugh when Trump told her that he could bring up matters of the past to embarrass her and her family but didn’t. You can bet that he has that one locked and loaded and he will come out with it in the next two debates. We will just have to see.

What did I learn? Nothing I already did not know. He is a pompous ass and she is a bitch with an attitude and should not be dog catcher let alone President.


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