Kneeling playersWeek one of the new football season was just what I expected. I knew that more players would jump on the band wagon and support the Black Lives Matter Movement. Some players knelt down and a few teams locked arms in solidarity.

Here’s what I didn’t see;

I didn’t see any players offering any portion of their multi-million dollar contract.
I didn’t see any players going to schools and talking to our angry kids.
I didn’t see any player, or coach, offer any solution to what they conceive as being a problem.

All I saw was a bunch of overpaid, children, standing up for what exactly? A bunch of “I can do that too” people who picked September 11th. The day this country was attacked to sit, kneel or lock arms. Shame on you.

There are 3,048 people shot in Chicago with 473 killed. Out of that 18 people were shot by the police. So 3,048 shot  by young folks (or people) in Chicago and only 18 shot by the police. That is less the 1% of the total.

I think these lemmings should direct their attention to the youth of the community instead of the police.

This is me… out………….

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