After listening to Donald Trump talking to Billy Bush in a bus a bunch of years ago, and saying what he does to women and what he thinks of women, Hillary Clinton is in the driver’s seat of this election. I believe it is her election to lose.

Just now I saw on TV that there is another video of Donald bad mouthing women and said that because of his actions he is “glad he is not running for public office.” This video interview was from the year 1993. So who is doing the searching for anything Trump? Someone is watching a lot of Youtube video’s to gatherĀ info to smear him for this election.

But Hillary’s secrets may never come out. Especially if she becomes President. No one is going to bring up anything bad about her because after the FBI’s investigation of her deleted 33,000 emails AFTER she received a subpoena regarding the emails.

She is insulated and entitled. I feel sorry for the Secret Service charged with keeping her safe. It is my understanding that she is not a nice person and belittles all that actually work for a living. She once berated a Secret Service Agent because he did not pick up her bags. He tried to explain that he is required to keep his hands free in case of threats. She responded with a flurry of obscenities and said he could be replaced. And she was not even President.

So, God help the Secret Service.


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