Protest National AnthemDuring the playing and singing of the Star Spangled Banner last night before the Bear game. Three members of the Philadelphia Eagles stood with their hands held high and their fingers clenched into a fist. NONE of the Chicago Bear players took part in any such protest.

It seems that Chicago Bear coach John Fox’s father was one of the original Navy Seals doing three tours in Vietnam. Add that to the fact that they were all playing at “Soldier Field” made for not one Bear kneeling, sitting, or fists clenched in a protest. I am proud of them for not showing themselves as assholes and for doing the right thing.

I am not sure if there are any other teams that do not support whinny buttĀ Kaepernick in his on going crap. But maybe when you NFL career is almost over you tend to do things to put the spotlight on you.

As far as the National Football League…. as long as there is no money loss to the owners, it is fine with them. But as soon as people start missing games and there are empty seats in the brand new multi-million dollar stadiums they have built, then we will see rules of conduct.

Until then, it is the year of the blacks. They are getting more control over things but I’m waiting for the other shoe to hit the floor……………….


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