The Cubs

Cubs LogoIt seems that the other team that is in Chicago, other then the White Sox is doing pretty well. Seems like they won their way to play the Dodgers. I think that is right. Anyway, they won over 100 games this season and that is pretty good for a ball club that plays 162 games a year.

Will they be in the World Series? Will they WIN the world series if they are in it. They had a good year and are having a good post season so who knows.

After all….. they are the Cubs

Trump’s Mistakes

After listening to Donald Trump talking to Billy Bush in a bus a bunch of years ago, and saying what he does to women and what he thinks of women, Hillary Clinton is in the driver’s seat of this election. I believe it is her election to lose.

Just now I saw on TV that there is another video of Donald bad mouthing women and said that because of his actions he is “glad he is not running for public office.” This video interview was from the year 1993. So who is doing the searching for anything Trump? Someone is watching a lot of Youtube video’s to gather info to smear him for this election.

But Hillary’s secrets may never come out. Especially if she becomes President. No one is going to bring up anything bad about her because after the FBI’s investigation of her deleted 33,000 emails AFTER she received a subpoena regarding the emails.

She is insulated and entitled. I feel sorry for the Secret Service charged with keeping her safe. It is my understanding that she is not a nice person and belittles all that actually work for a living. She once berated a Secret Service Agent because he did not pick up her bags. He tried to explain that he is required to keep his hands free in case of threats. She responded with a flurry of obscenities and said he could be replaced. And she was not even President.

So, God help the Secret Service.


National Anthem

American FlagIt seems that since the protest by the football players on the field during the National Anthem, they are just not showing it. If the players are going to protest, then none will see it.

But to tell the truth, I am not sure if the National Anthem was a routine that happened every pro football game. I know back in the day they showed it, especially at Baseball Games.

Not much bitchin’ about the players, especially with the Hurricane coming. So far we are safe here in SW Florida But we’ll see.



Bears LogoThe Bears are playing Detroit tomorrow at 12:00/1:00. Jay Cutler hurt his thumb (snif) and may or may not play. Seems like whenever the defensive line misses a few block Jay hurts something. I have watched players play with broken arms and manage to do good. Ok, maybe in broken arms but playing hurt never the less.

They are 0-3 so far this year and if they keep playing like they have they will be lucky to win ANY games this season. They are such a letdown for the fans. But hey, you have to spend a little money to get good players. They let Robbie Gould. He played for 11 seasons with the Bears and scored 1,207 points. Made 276 field goals and had a 85.4% kicking average. So, why did they get rid of him? Money. He wanted to much money. What a shame.

Good luck Bears…. you’re gonna need it.


Weekend is over

Hillary and trumpI know, it’s been over for 2 days now, not counting today.

So, what took place that is worthy to bitch about.

How about the debates between this one and that one. Seems to me that Trump wanted the entire US of A to know he did not pay any taxes and that he was a smart businessman along with being a rich one at that. I’m sure those seniors living Social Security Check by Social Security Check really enjoyed that.

And how about the other one with her condescending attitude telling the US that she is experienced in ALL matters government. I had to laugh when Trump told her that he could bring up matters of the past to embarrass her and her family but didn’t. You can bet that he has that one locked and loaded and he will come out with it in the next two debates. We will just have to see.

What did I learn? Nothing I already did not know. He is a pompous ass and she is a bitch with an attitude and should not be dog catcher let alone President.


Civil Unrest

protestingWell another police shooting and the city of Charlotte NC have been having civil unrest.  Seems that every incident between cops and bad guys get looked at with a blind eye. In other words, judgement is made against the officer and that judgement is guilty. This is being done quickly and mostly without telling the black part in the incident. Even after a video emerged taken by a witness, showing the weapon on the ground, the family and the protesters still deny the weapon.

This is just a bunch of do nothing, non-working, welfare grabbin, dope dealin’, pot smokin’, system scamming, baby makin’, degenerates looking for trouble, looking to loot and just plain being what they are…. savages.

Oh, and there are white people marching around taking up the cause. Why, what did the slave owners do to your family? Oh, you say it is wrong that police officers defend themselves and shoot the guy with the gun first instead of waiting for him to shoot an officer and THEN fire back. Yea….. I don’t think they teach that in any academy throughout this United States.

When is the news media going to stop taking the side of the poor innocent victim, or offender as in this case, and defend the police story. He had a gun…. here is the gun lying on the ground, case closed. Move on to slamming Hillary or Trump like you were doing before this incident.

I could go on for a thousand more words but then that would make me a racist and that is not what I am. I have a lot of black friends and they all would agree with me on the above statement.

ALl I know is the bottom line…. and that is that I am tired of it.



Star Spangled Protests

Protest National AnthemDuring the playing and singing of the Star Spangled Banner last night before the Bear game. Three members of the Philadelphia Eagles stood with their hands held high and their fingers clenched into a fist. NONE of the Chicago Bear players took part in any such protest.

It seems that Chicago Bear coach John Fox’s father was one of the original Navy Seals doing three tours in Vietnam. Add that to the fact that they were all playing at “Soldier Field” made for not one Bear kneeling, sitting, or fists clenched in a protest. I am proud of them for not showing themselves as assholes and for doing the right thing.

I am not sure if there are any other teams that do not support whinny butt Kaepernick in his on going crap. But maybe when you NFL career is almost over you tend to do things to put the spotlight on you.

As far as the National Football League…. as long as there is no money loss to the owners, it is fine with them. But as soon as people start missing games and there are empty seats in the brand new multi-million dollar stadiums they have built, then we will see rules of conduct.

Until then, it is the year of the blacks. They are getting more control over things but I’m waiting for the other shoe to hit the floor……………….


Rain, Rain,…..

Alligator in the rainIt seems like we are in for another “liquid sunshine day.” It has been raining for the past month or so. Storms come in the late afternoon, but today they are here now and it is 12:23 pm. So for today, early afternoon.

It is getting closer to October. That is when the “snow-birds” come back to Cape Coral and other parts of Florida. Like Naples or Bonita Springs.

I don’t mind them so much except for the traffic. Seems like they bring a lot of traffic.

That’s all for now……..


Week 1

Kneeling playersWeek one of the new football season was just what I expected. I knew that more players would jump on the band wagon and support the Black Lives Matter Movement. Some players knelt down and a few teams locked arms in solidarity.

Here’s what I didn’t see;

I didn’t see any players offering any portion of their multi-million dollar contract.
I didn’t see any players going to schools and talking to our angry kids.
I didn’t see any player, or coach, offer any solution to what they conceive as being a problem.

All I saw was a bunch of overpaid, children, standing up for what exactly? A bunch of “I can do that too” people who picked September 11th. The day this country was attacked to sit, kneel or lock arms. Shame on you.

There are 3,048 people shot in Chicago with 473 killed. Out of that 18 people were shot by the police. So 3,048 shot  by young folks (or people) in Chicago and only 18 shot by the police. That is less the 1% of the total.

I think these lemmings should direct their attention to the youth of the community instead of the police.

This is me… out………….

Football 2016-17

Bears StadiumWell once again it is football season in America. Tons of players eager to prove to the coaches and the fans that they belong on that team. We get to watch players with their long ass dreadlocks, running and stomping their feet. or wagging their fingers at their opponent  because they stopped the run, or blocked the pass. It does not matter that for the past 10 plays the opposing team marched down the field completing pass after pass. But this time the pass was blocked and celebration begins for the player that blocked that pass.

Don’t even get me started on the protest by some of the players, Kaepernick, of the 49ers and Marshall of the Broncos and I am sure that there will be more of these so called “silent protest” of the Black Lives Matter rebellion taking place throughout this country. I just wish they would not choose this 9/11 weekend to protest.

It’s funny to me that those doing the protesting have had the freedom from those that died in wars to give them every chance in life to make it big. But they don’t see it that way. It’s all about them and getting a bigger place on TV.

Oh well…………………….