Still Hurtin’

I am still hurtin’ but it gets easier day by day. On the plus side I have lost about 20 lbs. I just hope it does not find me again.


Just takes time….

Went for my post op checkup the other day and everything was ok.

Pretty much all that is needed for me to get better is to rest and to know that it is going to take time to heal.

Don’t like¬†being stuck in the house but if that’s what I need to do then that’s what I am going to do.


Christmas Day..

Well it has been a rough few days since my surgery. Pain, uncomfortable, not sleeping. But today is Christmas. Nothing bad happens on Christmas Day.

Tuesday I go see the doctor for a post op visit. My catheter will be removed then. I believe that is the base of all my pain and suffering. You just can’t get comfortable when you have one. I told the doctor that I could take it out because I have done so in the past but he said he needed to see me Tuesday anyway so he will do it then.

So, that’s where I stand, or sit, or lean………. getting better day by day.

To everyone…. Have a Merry Christmas.

It’s Done

Christmas HollyI checked out of the hospital today at 12:30. I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I forgot something. Maybe I’ll remember.

Very much discomfort and pain. Main so bad I thought I was going to die. Called for the nurse who called the doctor and the solution to stop the pain was to walk. I guess when the operate using the Robot, they pump gas into your abdomen to have more room. After the operation they can’t suck all the gas out so it rumbles around in your body cavity. The was to remove the gas is to walk. So you are in pain, and walking is suppose to help.

Anyway, I am home and on the mend. I’ll keep posted on my progtess.




Yesterday I went to the hospital that is doing my surgery for pre-testing. I did a blood test, EKG and a chest x-ray. It took way to long to get those things done. I was there like forever.

Last week I went for a PET scan to see if there was any other cancer growing anywhere else. My doctor called me a few day’s later and told me everything was fine and only where the tumor is showed up on the scan. Miracles of medicine.

Anyway, I am all set to go for the 20 Dec surgery. I am sure everything will be alright. So that’s all….


Kidney Surgery

Well, on the 20th of December I am having my right kidney and ureter removed. My doctor feels that this is the best option to get rid of the cancer tumor growing in my ureter. Rather then trying to just remove the tumor and maybe leaving some particles in there, removal is the best.

Depending what type of cancer it is will decide if I need any chemo or radiation treatments. The tumor, based on the brushing they did when they put the stent in is a high grade form of cancer so I guess I am ok with the removal.

Buy hey, it will be close to Christmas and I would rather be getting stuff then losing stuff! ūüėČ


Health Issues

I seem to be going through some health issues. I won’t bore you with all the details but the condensed version is this;

I have a tumor in my right ureter. I went last week to the hospital here in Florida and the doctors took a brushing of the tumor to get enough cells so it can be analyzed and determine what type of tumor it is. I am hoping for a low grade, non life threatening type of tumor. But we will see. I had to get stent put in to my right ureter so I could pee.

Tuesday I have to go for a PET scan to see if there is any cancer anywhere else in my body. On Wednesday I go to the surgeon to discuss the options I have. One option is to cut the¬†ureter on each side of the tumor and then reconnect the¬†ureter. The other option is more severe….. take out the right kidney and¬†ureter. Not looking forward to that.

So, that’s what I have been up to……….. and the Bears still suck.


They Did it……… Who cares

Cubs winThe Cubs won their right to go to the World Series and play the best of 7 against the Cleveland Indians. The first game is Tuesday and they will be in Cleveland.

Go Chicago team but the Cubs weren’t suppose to be in the position they are. They are the Cubs. A team that coined the expression “wait till next year.” That is what was suppose to happen. They were suppose to melt down, start throwing the ball away at first base, not win.

But they did, and I am happy for Chicago.


The Cubs

Cubs LogoIt seems that the other team that is in Chicago, other then the White Sox is doing pretty well. Seems like they won their way to play the Dodgers. I think that is right. Anyway, they won over 100 games this season and that is pretty good for a ball club that plays 162 games a year.

Will they be in the World Series? Will they WIN the world series if they are in it. They had a good year and are having a good post season so who knows.

After all….. they are the Cubs

Trump’s Mistakes

After listening to Donald Trump talking to Billy Bush in a bus a bunch of years ago, and saying what he does to women and what he thinks of women, Hillary Clinton is in the driver’s seat of this election. I believe it is her election to lose.

Just now I saw on TV that there is another video of Donald bad mouthing women and said that because of his actions he is “glad he is not running for public office.” This video interview was from the year 1993. So who is doing the searching for anything Trump? Someone is watching a lot of Youtube video’s to gather¬†info to smear him for this election.

But Hillary’s secrets may never come out. Especially if she becomes President. No one is going to bring up anything bad about her because after the FBI’s investigation of her deleted 33,000 emails AFTER she received a subpoena regarding the emails.

She is insulated and entitled. I feel sorry for the Secret Service charged with keeping her safe. It is my understanding that she is not a nice person and belittles all that actually work for a living. She once berated a Secret Service Agent because he did not pick up her bags. He tried to explain that he is required to keep his hands free in case of threats. She responded with a flurry of obscenities and said he could be replaced. And she was not even President.

So, God help the Secret Service.