Matt Lauer

Last week it came to light that Matt Lauer of the Today Show was fired based on accusations that he committed sexual misconduct against a few women that he worked(s) with. It is also reported that he had these relations back when the Olympics were held in Russia which was in 2014.

Fine, I get it. You screwed up, got caught and now you have to pay the price. In his case he was fired. It is rumored that he made $20 million dollars a year working for NBC. That is a lot of money to lose out on but I’m sure he will be ok. I hope he managed his money so he can live out his life in a way he is accustomed to living it. I don’t think we should be throwing a benefit for him.

But what about the women? It has been reported that the woman that had sexual relations with him is not being named because it may harm her career. I guess it is ok to blow up a career as long as it’s not yours.

In 2014 at the Russian Olympics Lauer was there with Natalie Morales. Could that be the source of complaint? Reports also state that the affair that started in Russia continued back in the US. Strange.

All this just begs the question as to why now? I mean all these years have gone by and now you decide to end the mans career? I am not condoning his behavior my any means it just seems weird that this is brought to light now!

That’s all I got…..

Chicago Bears

Wait, what’s that smell? Oh, I know, it is the Chicago Bears. I did not think that they would smell all the way here in Florida.

Seems like me and a whole lot of people throughout the counter that are Bear fans are getting sick and tired of watching the Bears stink up the stadium in which they are playing. It is sad. Really sad.

And what about all the Philly players trying out for Dancing with the Stars with their Electric Slide moves. Pitiful.

I guess it takes away from the players not standing or staying in the locker room for the National Anthem which by the way, they don’t bother showing the TV viewers anymore.

But hey, what do I know right…..


I seems that Colin Kaepernick has been named GQ’s Citizen of the year because of his kneeling during the national anthem demonstrating the inequality and police brutality. Huh?

I would think that because of how far he has made it in his life is due to the fact that he was adopted as a baby into a home that offered guidance and leadership. He had two parents that taught him right from wrong. He probably never had any interaction with the police as a kid or as an young adult.

He has made millions because of his talent and because of his upbringing. He had a career that young football players only dream about. If he is so hell bent on doing something to protest he needs to take a few of the troubled inner city kids and let them see how a quarterback in the NFL lives and what they can become if they lead a half way decent life.

But he won’t do that because “I got mine and you don’t.” Oh and by the way, here is my house. So thanks white people for spending a ton of money so I can have this house and the millions that came with it.

Kellogg’s Corn Pops

So…. now Kellogg’s Corn Pops are racist just because there was a brown corn pop sweeping the floor. Some said it was a shadow or he (it) was wearing a hat. I did not see the box in person, I was only going by what I saw in the paper.

I think we need to ban brown bags, brown cars, brown paint, and all things brown so as not to disrespect any and all brown people.

Yea, that’s what we need to do.


“Kellogg’s apologizes for Corn Pops image deemed racist online

Novelist Saladin Ahmed was looking at the back of a Corn Pops cereal box when he noticed a small but jarring detail.
The colorful illustration on the box depicted a chaotic scene of little yellow corn pop characters frolicking through a shopping mall.
But in the center of the drawing, Ahmed spotted a lone non-yellow corn pop. The character looked as if it had brown skin. It also happened to be the only corn pop dressed in blue, and appeared to be buffing the mall’s floors.

On Wednesday morning, Ahmed tweeted to Kellogg’s: Why is “literally the only brown corn pop on the whole cereal box the janitor?”
It’s “a tiny thing,” he added, “but when you see your kid staring at this over breakfast and realize millions of other kids are doing the same …”
Within five hours, Kellogg’s responded. The artwork has been updated and will be in stores soon, the company tweeted.
“Kellogg is committed to diversity & inclusion,” the tweet read. “We did not intend to offend — we apologize.”
Ahmed responded: “genuinely appreciate the rapid response.””


Bear’s Quarterback

Ok, so, how is everyone feeling about the new Bears quarterback? Mitch Trubisky? Or maybe Mitch Trbearsky? Anyway for me it is a wait and see how he does the next game against the Ravens.

For me he kind of looked rather tentative or unsure of himself especially when he ran into trouble. But we will see. Do we still watch the Bears?? Like we use to? I don’t know.

As far as the kneeling or raising fists or locking arms I do not approve. Stand up and be proud you can play in a free country and make your millions playing a game.


Enough already….

I’ll start by saying that I am a white male and because of that I am a racist. I don’t want to be labeled that but that is what I am due to my whiteness.

Now, that being said, I’ll get on with my rant.

Is anyone else tired of all this Black Lives Matter and football protests going on around this country? I know I sure am. I am tired of all these multi-million football players protesting what they say is Police Brutality towards members of their race. They are fed up with police shooting, for no reason, the black members of society. It started with the SF 49’ers Colin Kaepernick sitting on the bench during the national anthem. His reason was that he is tired of police brutality minorities and no one going to jail because of it. Is it any wonder that no team has signed him up to play in this 2017 season? It’s not that he is a bad quarterback it is just that the owners of the teams and coaches do not want the distraction.

He is not tired of blacks shooting blacks or Hispanics shooting Hispanics, just police shooting blacks. Why is that when in Chicago alone there 77.6% blacks killed by their own people.  There are 17.3% Hispanics killed by Hispanics. Where is the outrage in that? Why is it just the police need to be responsible for their actions but black on black killings seem to be ok in their eyes.

So far in Chicago, there have been 517 people killed since the beginning of the year. The total shot in Chicago since this year is 2,805. Let that sink in… 2,805 shot, killed or wounded in 2017. Where is the outrage over that? Shouldn’t that be something to protest about. No. It is only the police that seem to piss off the “look at me, I’m a football player.” Whooo Wooo, you’re the best roll model for our impressionable youth. I bet if the players protested against the Commissioner of the football league, Roger Goodell something would be done. A lot of football fans are protesting the protest by not watching or attending the games. That has got to hurt the bottom line. But what do I know. I am white and a racist. I know that because the blacks said so.

Yesterday a black man walked into a church in Nashville Tennessee and began shooting at the people inside. First he shot and killed a woman in the parking lot of the church, then walked in and shot others. He was black and from what I can tell by the news reports, the victims were white. So where is the social outrage because of that. Shouldn’t the whites of America protest that?

As a Vietnam veteran I agree that as a free person in this country, people have the right to protest, march (with permits), and basically do what their freedom allows you to do. But again, as a Vietnam vet, I see it as a slap across the face of every military man or woman that fought for this country and its independence so they can protest. I get all that but there has to be some respect for the flag, our country and yes, even President Trump. Respect the office. Respect the position.

But what do I know. I’m a racist remember?


BCG Treatment

Today I go for my first of six BCG treatments. BCG stands for Bacille Calmette-Guerin. Basically what they do is shoot chemo medicine into my penis and into my bladder. Does not sound too bad right? But here is the thing…. I have to hold it in for 2 hours.

I’m kind of curious as to what that is going to feel like but we’ll see.


After the hurricane…

The hurricane Irma has past and is officially over. A lot of my neighbors that said they would stay, fled North into Georgia. But since it was my first hurricane I wanted to stay despite two robo-calls from the city telling us to evacuate. Nope. Not me, I wanted to see what it was like.

We did not lose any power until 1:00 in the morning and it came back at 2:00 in the afternoon. Some in the area are still without power and have water in their house. The only damage I had were two privacy bushes were bent over from the wind. My landscapers pulled them back and staked them. Hopefully they will take root and be as good as new.

That’s all I know…..


Just clillin’ during the hurricane…

All my neighbors said they were staying. But as the storm got closer it scared them off. Us, we are all shuttered up and have supplies. It is too late to flee now so we are here for the duration of the storm.

I just wish that the storm was here and gone. This watching the news, and that is all they talk about. Solid storm coverage 24 hrs a day. Enough already…. We get it… a hurricane is coming, now broadcast something else.

So that’s my story..