Last week it came to light that Matt Lauer of the Today Show was fired based on accusations that he committed sexual misconduct against a few women that he worked(s) with. It is also reported that he had these relations back when the Olympics were held in Russia which was in 2014.

Fine, I get it. You screwed up, got caught and now you have to pay the price. In his case he was fired. It is rumored that he made $20 million dollars a year working for NBC. That is a lot of money to lose out on but I’m sure he will be ok. I hope he managed his money so he can live out his life in a way he is accustomed to living it. I don’t think we should be throwing a benefit for him.

But what about the women? It has been reported that the woman that had sexual relations with him is not being named because it may harm her career. I guess it is ok to blow up a career as long as it’s not yours.

In 2014 at the Russian Olympics Lauer was there with Natalie Morales. Could that be the source of complaint? Reports also state that the affair that started in Russia continued back in the US. Strange.

All this just begs the question as to why now? I mean all these years have gone by and now you decide to end the mans career? I am not condoning his behavior my any means it just seems weird that this is brought to light now!

That’s all I got…..

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