I seems that Colin┬áKaepernick has been named GQ’s Citizen of the year because of his kneeling during the national anthem demonstrating the inequality and police brutality. Huh?

I would think that because of how far he has made it in his life is due to the fact that he was adopted as a baby into a home that offered guidance and leadership. He had two parents that taught him right from wrong. He probably never had any interaction with the police as a kid or as an young adult.

He has made millions because of his talent and because of his upbringing. He had a career that young football players only dream about. If he is so hell bent on doing something to protest he needs to take a few of the troubled inner city kids and let them see how a quarterback in the NFL lives and what they can become if they lead a half way decent life.

But he won’t do that because “I got mine and you don’t.” Oh and by the way, here is my house. So thanks white people for spending a ton of money so I can have this house and the millions that came with it.

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