Went Tuesday to have a small tumor removed from my urethra. Took about 15 minutes. That would be fine until you know the entire story.

You need to get there about 1 hr before surgery. Once there they take you in a room to get you ready. You take off all your cloths and put on the gown, booties and your paper hat. They ask you 100 plus questions, most of which you answered when you checked in on-line.

Now comes the insertion of the IV. I tell them that the only place anyone has ever been successful is by going in through my right hand. They don’t listen… they try in my left arm. No Good. They try in my right arm. No good. Finally the anesthesiologist comes out and after a short conversation he finally gets it in my right hand just past the inside of my wrist.

After a few minutes they come and take you into the procedure room. The anesthesiologist say’s, “are you ready” I say “yes” and he say’s “see you in recovery and enjoy your sleep.” I try to fight it but after 20 seconds, I’m out.

Wake up in recovery and I have a catheter bag I have to go home with. The only good part of a pee-bag is you can drink many bottles of water and not have to get up to pee.

Today is Friday and I just took out my catheter and took a shower. I’m all good now.


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