I’ll start by saying that I am a white male and because of that I am a racist. I don’t want to be labeled that but that is what I am due to my whiteness.

Now, that being said, I’ll get on with my rant.

Is anyone else tired of all this Black Lives Matter and football protests going on around this country? I know I sure am. I am tired of all these multi-million football players protesting what they say is Police Brutality towards members of their race. They are fed up with police shooting, for no reason, the black members of society. It started with the SF 49’ers Colin Kaepernick sitting on the bench during the national anthem. His reason was that he is tired of police brutality minorities and no one going to jail because of it. Is it any wonder that no team has signed him up to play in this 2017 season? It’s not that he is a bad quarterback it is just that the owners of the teams and coaches do not want the distraction.

He is not tired of blacks shooting blacks or Hispanics shooting Hispanics, just police shooting blacks. Why is that when in Chicago alone there 77.6% blacks killed by their own people.  There are 17.3% Hispanics killed by Hispanics. Where is the outrage in that? Why is it just the police need to be responsible for their actions but black on black killings seem to be ok in their eyes.

So far in Chicago, there have been 517 people killed since the beginning of the year. The total shot in Chicago since this year is 2,805. Let that sink in… 2,805 shot, killed or wounded in 2017. Where is the outrage over that? Shouldn’t that be something to protest about. No. It is only the police that seem to piss off the “look at me, I’m a football player.” Whooo Wooo, you’re the best roll model for our impressionable youth. I bet if the players protested against the Commissioner of the football league, Roger Goodell something would be done. A lot of football fans are protesting the protest by not watching or attending the games. That has got to hurt the bottom line. But what do I know. I am white and a racist. I know that because the blacks said so.

Yesterday a black man walked into a church in Nashville Tennessee and began shooting at the people inside. First he shot and killed a woman in the parking lot of the church, then walked in and shot others. He was black and from what I can tell by the news reports, the victims were white. So where is the social outrage because of that. Shouldn’t the whites of America protest that?

As a Vietnam veteran I agree that as a free person in this country, people have the right to protest, march (with permits), and basically do what their freedom allows you to do. But again, as a Vietnam vet, I see it as a slap across the face of every military man or woman that fought for this country and its independence so they can protest. I get all that but there has to be some respect for the flag, our country and yes, even President Trump. Respect the office. Respect the position.

But what do I know. I’m a racist remember?


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