protestingWell another police shooting and the city of Charlotte NC have been having civil unrest.  Seems that every incident between cops and bad guys get looked at with a blind eye. In other words, judgement is made against the officer and that judgement is guilty. This is being done quickly and mostly without telling the black part in the incident. Even after a video emerged taken by a witness, showing the weapon on the ground, the family and the protesters still deny the weapon.

This is just a bunch of do nothing, non-working, welfare grabbin, dope dealin’, pot smokin’, system scamming, baby makin’, degenerates looking for trouble, looking to loot and just plain being what they are…. savages.

Oh, and there are white people marching around taking up the cause. Why, what did the slave owners do to your family? Oh, you say it is wrong that police officers defend themselves and shoot the guy with the gun first instead of waiting for him to shoot an officer and THEN fire back. Yea….. I don’t think they teach that in any academy throughout this United States.

When is the news media going to stop taking the side of the poor innocent victim, or offender as in this case, and defend the police story. He had a gun…. here is the gun lying on the ground, case closed. Move on to slamming Hillary or Trump like you were doing before this incident.

I could go on for a thousand more words but then that would make me a racist and that is not what I am. I have a lot of black friends and they all would agree with me on the above statement.

ALl I know is the bottom line…. and that is that I am tired of it.



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