Seems like the trouble in Chicago is NOT and will not change unless the lawmakers and law enforcers want it to change.

The animals that are roaming the streets have no regard for anything that resembles a civil society. They are all about slingin’ dope on the corners and shooting someone. Anyone…. it does not matter who, where, if there are any witnesses. They just do not care.

Chicago’s alderman seem to think that this mess will stop. No, it won’t. The killings will go on as long as there are prosecutors and Judges that don’t on a routine basis decide that they, the Judges, hand out sentences way below what the law say’s they should be. In other words, if a guy gets caught with a gun and the MANDATORY penalty should be 1 year in jail it puzzles me that a judge would give him probation.

The States Attorney is the one that approves charges. She, is not following the law. She decides what charges to file and the police have no say in it. If a guy fights the police during a lawful arrest he should be charged with Aggravated Battery of a Police Officer right? Not in Chicago. He may probably be charged with Simple Battery even tho the law says the appropriate charge should be Aggravated. And when the case goes to trial the Judge will most likely let the offender go without any penalty.

The bad guy’s know this so there is no fear of spending any time behind bars because the head Sheriff says there is not any more room in jail to house all these bad guys so don’t arrest anyone. What a load of crap.

So to recap….. police no longer can stop and frisk someone and the crap¬†know it. You can steal a car and the police can no longer chase you. The crap know this. If you do make an arrest and the crap resists, chances are IAD will investigate and trouble will be with you for a long while. The crap know this also so making a complaint against a Police Officer is a good move to get out of trouble.

Chicago is lost. Police are doing the minimum for fear that the next radio call will be the call that may cost them their jobs so why try to get to that call and risk your job?


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