Just clillin’ during the hurricane…

All my neighbors said they were staying. But as the storm got closer it scared them off. Us, we are all shuttered up and have supplies. It is too late to flee now so we are here for the duration of the storm.

I just wish that the storm was here and gone. This watching the news, and that is all they talk about. Solid storm coverage 24 hrs a day. Enough already…. We get it… a hurricane is coming, now broadcast something else.

So that’s my story..


Now for sure it is over…..

Went this past Wednesday for surgery. My doctor wanted to make sure that he got the entire tumor because the pathology came back a high grade.

I hate it. Usually the surgery is not until 1:00 or 1:30 in the afternoon so I can’t eat or drink. Then the surgery happens and I come home with a pee bag which is wayyyy inconvenient. But I am taking it out today so that’s a good thing.

Then back to the doctor to see if he got it all, what the next steps will be.

Can’t wait…


I thought it was over…

Well it seems that my last tumor removal from my urethra turned out to be a high-grade form of cancer. So the good doctor wants me to come back so he can dig a little deeper just to make sure he got the entire tumor.

After that he said I would need chemo medicine shot into my bladder for six weeks. I would go there, have the chemo injected, sit for two hours then I guess pee and then do it over for six weeks. Fun!!

Worst case scenario…. remove the bladder leaving me with a bag for the rest of my life.

But hey….. at least I’m living.


It’s Over….

Went Tuesday to have a small tumor removed from my urethra. Took about 15 minutes. That would be fine until you know the entire story.

You need to get there about 1 hr before surgery. Once there they take you in a room to get you ready. You take off all your cloths and put on the gown, booties and your paper hat. They ask you 100 plus questions, most of which you answered when you checked in on-line.

Now comes the insertion of the IV. I tell them that the only place anyone has ever been successful is by going in through my right hand. They don’t listen… they try in my left arm. No Good. They try in my right arm. No good. Finally the anesthesiologist comes out and after a short conversation he finally gets it in my right hand just past the inside of my wrist.

After a few minutes they come and take you into the procedure room. The anesthesiologist say’s, “are you ready” I say “yes” and he say’s “see you in recovery and enjoy your sleep.” I try to fight it but after 20 seconds, I’m out.

Wake up in recovery and I have a catheter bag I have to go home with. The only good part of a pee-bag is you can drink many bottles of water and not have to get up to pee.

Today is Friday and I just took out my catheter and took a shower. I’m all good now.


Here we go again….

Doctor found another cancerous object in my bladder…..AGAIN. I thought I had put all this crap behind me but I guess I was wrong.

I am having it removed Aug 1st. I hope it all goes well but then again I am getting to be an expert at getting this type of thing done.

I post when the surgery is over. All I can say is “Damn.”


Florida’s Summer

Florida summer is here. Everyday it is between 90 and 93 degrees. It is also the rainy season and almost everyday it rains.

On a brighter note…. last week I had to go to get a P.E.T. scan. Since I stopped Chemo my Dr wanted me to get the scan to see if any cancer may be present. I went for the scan and the results were negative. No cancer spots in my body. So that was good news.

I go for another scan in about three months. If all is clear then they will take out my port that is implanted in my right upper chest. This port saves(ed) me from someone starting an IV to deliver my Chemo. A very good pain saver device.


No More Chemo…

That’s it. I’m done with Chemo. My doctor said I did not need any more for now. I’m hoping “for ever.”

I still feel crappy. She said that the after effects of the Chemo may last 3 to 6 months. I am light headed, dizzy, and sometimes the shortness of breath is disturbing. So I am hoping that it is less then 3 months for me to start feeling better.


So that all about that.


Sox in (next to) last place

The White Sox are in next to last place. Seems like they can’t seem to win a bunch of wins in a row. Their record as of today is 21-25 or .457. Not good enough to be a threat to anyone above them in the standings. But hey, you never know, they may find themselves on a winning streak. Someday!

I started my Chemo again. Had two bags of Chemo juice this past Thursday and I get 1 more bag next Thursday, June 1st. Then I am off a week and start back on the 15th of June. I am not sure how many I get. My doctor said she wants me to have 6 total but with me winding up in the hospital for a few days I’m not sure.


Red Cells-White Cells

A couple of week ago, before chemo, I had to have a blood test. It was discovered that I have a low red cell count. That explained why I had a shortness of breath episode. So last Saturday I had to go and get an infusion of blood to build up my red cells and bring more oxygen to my heart.

The other day after another blood test before chemo I was told I needed shots to build up my white cells. Seems I was short those too. So Friday I had the shot and today another shot.

At least this week I am off. No chemo and no shots or infusions. Yeaaaa…..


My Updates….

I have started Chemo again. This week I had two sessions and I am off a week. So far so good. At least I am not having any reaction from the treatments, so that is good.

I have a ways to go yet. My doctor said she hopes to get 6 treatments in but she does not count the way I do. One treatment is actually three. I go until at least June so at least there is an end to the treatments.

So that’s that with that.