The results are in….

Went to the doctor yesterday and the pathology came back as……… “low grade, non-invasive with clean margins.” So I am really happy about that.

Now I have to go back in three months for another bladder scan. I expected that I just hope I am not caught in a loop. Three months, surgery, three months surgery.

Somebody, please make it stop.


Wednesday is results day…

Tomorrow, Wednesday I go to the doctor to find out the results of my tumors removed from my bladder last Wednesday.

I’m hoping that the results are good and it is not high-grade cancer. If it is then I guess I’ll have to play it by ear.

The appointment is 9:45 am so I’ll post when I get home.



Surgery done….

My tumor removals are done. I hope for the last time but I really doubt it. I was in the OR for about an hour. Originally the doctor was going to put a stent in my left ureter but for some reason when he got in there he decided not to do it. I’m glad that he did not put one in. If he did then they would take it out in the office. I was not looking forward to something like that at all.

Nancy’s Mom died yesterday. Not quite sure if the doctor will ok me flying back to Chicago. To many cooties on the plane and just after surgery….. not sure if he will let me. We will see what he says Wednesday which is my next appointment.


Medical Issues (again)

It seems like this is my life now. I go to the doctor, he finds two more cancerous tumors on my bladder, operate to get rid of them.

Go back to the doctor in three months, find more tumors, operate and do it all over again. That is how it seems my life is going.

Went to the doctor yesterday and he found 2 more tumors. He is taking them out on 3 Jan 2018. I am hoping all goes well. It has in the past so I am not too concerned.

So, that’s that with that I guess.


When is it going to stop….

It seems like everyday when you watch the news or read a news paper someone is accusing someone of sexual harassment or unwanted kisses on the cheek to groping women that don’t want to be groped.

From President Trump to Mario Batali the famous cook that is on the cooking show “The Chew.” And there is not a single common sense person here to say “Stop the nonsense!”

If a woman accuses a man of sexual harassment and it happened 20 years ago there is not a state in this country that would prosecute that man. Statute of limitations has run out therefore no prosecution. But when it comes to a celebrity, all bets are off. You admit it happened…. your done. Simple as that.

And when this despicable action were being done to these woman what happened to their careers? I mean if Weinstein committed all these horrible things, why did the victims not say anything at the time? I mean it probably went like this…. (HW) “You know, if you do (this) to me, I could advance your career and you could get better parts, or I could make you a star.” (Victim) “Hmmmm, well, OK I guess.”

The act was committed and the actress went on to be a star, only to blow the whistle (no pun intended) on Weinstein 20 years later. You know what lady, give back your Oscars, your millions you made doing movies and call it a day. You advanced your career based on what you did at the time. Maybe you were discussted by what you did but you did it.

The End.


Matt Lauer

Last week it came to light that Matt Lauer of the Today Show was fired based on accusations that he committed sexual misconduct against a few women that he worked(s) with. It is also reported that he had these relations back when the Olympics were held in Russia which was in 2014.

Fine, I get it. You screwed up, got caught and now you have to pay the price. In his case he was fired. It is rumored that he made $20 million dollars a year working for NBC. That is a lot of money to lose out on but I’m sure he will be ok. I hope he managed his money so he can live out his life in a way he is accustomed to living it. I don’t think we should be throwing a benefit for him.

But what about the women? It has been reported that the woman that had sexual relations with him is not being named because it may harm her career. I guess it is ok to blow up a career as long as it’s not yours.

In 2014 at the Russian Olympics Lauer was there with Natalie Morales. Could that be the source of complaint? Reports also state that the affair that started in Russia continued back in the US. Strange.

All this just begs the question as to why now? I mean all these years have gone by and now you decide to end the mans career? I am not condoning his behavior my any means it just seems weird that this is brought to light now!

That’s all I got…..

Chicago Bears

Wait, what’s that smell? Oh, I know, it is the Chicago Bears. I did not think that they would smell all the way here in Florida.

Seems like me and a whole lot of people throughout the counter that are Bear fans are getting sick and tired of watching the Bears stink up the stadium in which they are playing. It is sad. Really sad.

And what about all the Philly players trying out for Dancing with the Stars with their Electric Slide moves. Pitiful.

I guess it takes away from the players not standing or staying in the locker room for the National Anthem which by the way, they don’t bother showing the TV viewers anymore.

But hey, what do I know right…..


I seems that Colin Kaepernick has been named GQ’s Citizen of the year because of his kneeling during the national anthem demonstrating the inequality and police brutality. Huh?

I would think that because of how far he has made it in his life is due to the fact that he was adopted as a baby into a home that offered guidance and leadership. He had two parents that taught him right from wrong. He probably never had any interaction with the police as a kid or as an young adult.

He has made millions because of his talent and because of his upbringing. He had a career that young football players only dream about. If he is so hell bent on doing something to protest he needs to take a few of the troubled inner city kids and let them see how a quarterback in the NFL lives and what they can become if they lead a half way decent life.

But he won’t do that because “I got mine and you don’t.” Oh and by the way, here is my house. So thanks white people for spending a ton of money so I can have this house and the millions that came with it.