Bears LogoThe Bears are playing Detroit tomorrow at 12:00/1:00. Jay Cutler hurt his thumb (snif) and may or may not play. Seems like whenever the defensive line misses a few block Jay hurts something. I have watched players play with broken arms and manage to do good. Ok, maybe in broken arms but playing hurt never the less.

They are 0-3 so far this year and if they keep playing like they have they will be lucky to win ANY games this season. They are such a letdown for the fans. But hey, you have to spend a little money to get good players. They let Robbie Gould. He played for 11 seasons with the Bears and scored 1,207 points. Made 276 field goals and had a 85.4% kicking average. So, why did they get rid of him? Money. He wanted to much money. What a shame.

Good luck Bears…. you’re gonna need it.


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