Sad Day…..

It is a sad day for the City of Chicago as another police officer was killed in the line of duty. Only this time it was a District Commander. A guy that was well liked by his men, and other supervisors.

When a man becomes a Chicago Police Officer his family always worries about him. Will he be safe, will he come home tonight. These worries are in the minds of all family members. But when a guy gets promoted to the rank of Commander, the family breathes a sigh of relief because he is no longer on the street. No longer in harm’s way. His job is to attend meetings, pacify the people in his district, supervise his men, and come home at night.

Commander Paul Bauer decided that other officers needed help, men that really did not work for him but were brothers in blue that needed help. He did not hesitate and took up the pursuit of the subject being chased by other officers.

For that brief show of bravery, for that brief show of commitment to his profession, he lost his life. He won’t be coming home tonight, or ever.

R.I.P. Commander Bauer. Your shift is done. Your brothers in blue can take it from here…..


Bike Night Weekend

It is bike night here in Cape Coral. Thousands of motorcycles of all different brands gather here in the Cape three or four times a week. Lots of vendors, live music for dancing (not too fast or fancy) :-).

Many different biker groups (gangs maybe?) and never any trouble. It is pretty cool and a must see if you are coming to the Cape. Just go to and read when the event is on.

Good time…



Where does the time go?

So I am sitting here wondering what to do. I’ve checked my mail, looked at all the things I look at every day. Read the Tribune online and then wondered how long it has been since I posted anything here. So I guess it is time…

I am feeling good after having my last surgery back in January. I went to a new Oncologist and she wants me to have a bunch of scans to check for whatever they check for. I have a “port” embedded in my upper right chest. When I went to chemo, it was the logical option because I am a very hard stick, and finding my veins is not easy. So anyway, I asked my new Oncologist if I could have the port removed. She said she did not want to do that just yet because depending on my scans will determine if I need more chemo. SO let’s hope that the scans are clean and I can get this ugly thing off of my body.

It’s funny how when we were younger we told our bodies what to do. Play football, run a marathon, swim 50 laps in the pool. Now that we are older, our bodies tell us what to do. Sometimes life sucks…



Happy Friday…

Hope ya’all had a good week. Happy Friday to everyone.

Nothing new from this end of the country. No tumor problems, headaches or anything.

HAven’t done much exciting. It is too cold. Like 32 in the am. It is supposed to warm up starting Sunday. Back to 80.

So, come on down and enjoy the weather.


The results are in….

Went to the doctor yesterday and the pathology came back as……… “low grade, non-invasive with clean margins.” So I am really happy about that.

Now I have to go back in three months for another bladder scan. I expected that I just hope I am not caught in a loop. Three months, surgery, three months surgery.

Somebody, please make it stop.


Wednesday is results day…

Tomorrow, Wednesday I go to the doctor to find out the results of my tumors removed from my bladder last Wednesday.

I’m hoping that the results are good and it is not high-grade cancer. If it is then I guess I’ll have to play it by ear.

The appointment is 9:45 am so I’ll post when I get home.



Surgery done….

My tumor removals are done. I hope for the last time but I really doubt it. I was in the OR for about an hour. Originally the doctor was going to put a stent in my left ureter but for some reason when he got in there he decided not to do it. I’m glad that he did not put one in. If he did then they would take it out in the office. I was not looking forward to something like that at all.

Nancy’s Mom died yesterday. Not quite sure if the doctor will ok me flying back to Chicago. To many cooties on the plane and just after surgery….. not sure if he will let me. We will see what he says Wednesday which is my next appointment.


Medical Issues (again)

It seems like this is my life now. I go to the doctor, he finds two more cancerous tumors on my bladder, operate to get rid of them.

Go back to the doctor in three months, find more tumors, operate and do it all over again. That is how it seems my life is going.

Went to the doctor yesterday and he found 2 more tumors. He is taking them out on 3 Jan 2018. I am hoping all goes well. It has in the past so I am not too concerned.

So, that’s that with that I guess.


When is it going to stop….

It seems like everyday when you watch the news or read a news paper someone is accusing someone of sexual harassment or unwanted kisses on the cheek to groping women that don’t want to be groped.

From President Trump to Mario Batali the famous cook that is on the cooking show “The Chew.” And there is not a single common sense person here to say “Stop the nonsense!”

If a woman accuses a man of sexual harassment and it happened 20 years ago there is not a state in this country that would prosecute that man. Statute of limitations has run out therefore no prosecution. But when it comes to a celebrity, all bets are off. You admit it happened…. your done. Simple as that.

And when this despicable action were being done to these woman what happened to their careers? I mean if Weinstein committed all these horrible things, why did the victims not say anything at the time? I mean it probably went like this…. (HW) “You know, if you do (this) to me, I could advance your career and you could get better parts, or I could make you a star.” (Victim) “Hmmmm, well, OK I guess.”

The act was committed and the actress went on to be a star, only to blow the whistle (no pun intended) on Weinstein 20 years later. You know what lady, give back your Oscars, your millions you made doing movies and call it a day. You advanced your career based on what you did at the time. Maybe you were discussted by what you did but you did it.

The End.